The Horizon-AGN simulation

The Horizon-AGN simulation is cosmological hydrodynamical simulation of 100 Mpc/h comoving volume with 10243 dark matter particles with the Planck cosmology. The simulation is performed with the adaptive mesh refinement code RAMSES (Teyssier, 2002) including gas dynamics, gas cooling and heating, and various sub-grid models such as: star formation, feedback from stars (stellar winds, supernovae type II and type Ia), six chemical species (O, Fe, C, N, Mg, Si), and feedback from active galactic nuclei. The minimum cell size is 1 kpc constant in physical length.

The simulation has been performed thanks to a Genci proposal, and has been run for 6 million CPU hours on the Jade super-computer in south of France to reach redshift z=0.2 by Yohan Dubois (PI), Christophe Pichon (co-I) and Julien Devriendt (co-I).