Horizon AGN @ z=1.2

The image on the left shows the projection of the entire volume of the simulation at redshift z=1.2 of the gas density in green, the gas temperature in red, and the gas metallicity in blue.

Here is a thin slice through the light cone down to z=1.5 and a deeper version or a deeper and larger version of it.

Here is a the light cone down to z=1.5 for the gas density the temperature or a and the stellar density of it.

The corresponding galaxy catalogue is available here.

The same in redshift space.

An image of the skeleton of the corresponding black hole catalogue. You can also browse a large image through the skymap viewer. You can zoom in and out. The depth of the image is only a quarter of the box, but is full size on the side.

A zoom over a massive halo

Left is an image of the dark matter density, gas density, gas temperature, gas metallicity, and stellar density around a massive halo at redshift 1.2 viewed from different scales.

An an artistic rendering of the psychedelic stary black holes over the density/temperature/metallicity map of the light cone at redshift one. Note that the galaxies are also visible at this resolution. At lower redshift (near z=1) it looks like this (4k x 40 k image! 24 Mb)


This movie corresponds to a large scale scroll through the cone.
Note that, at that resolutions, we can distinguish the shape of many galaxies.

A zoom over a massive halo

And the corresponding movie on the largest scale of the simulation.

A zoom over a massive halo

The movie (random region) on a smaller scale around a random position of the field.

A zoom over a massive halo

Around a void movie (void region).

A zoom over a massive halo

Or around a dense region movie (dense region).